Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Sound too good to be true?  We’ve come across a new technology that does just that.

The Ion Magnum Imperial III is new technology that actually detoxifies while burning fat from both the subcutaneous and the visceral fat layers to contour and shape the body.  The Imperial is the ONLY technology that reduces visceral fat (located under the muscle) unlike other technologies that only target subcutaneous fat!

Let me just elaborate a little here.  Our bodies have two different types of fat, as described above.  Basically, subcutaneous fat is the fat you can see... the stuff you can pinch or grab!  Visceral fat can be more dangerous to our health... this is the fat that surrounds our organs in our body such as the heart, liver, etc.

Usually people have difficulty losing weight because as the fat cells release their contents, the toxicity from these fat cells interferes with our metabolism and hinders weight loss.   The Imperial works thus: it has 12 waveform frequencies that are blueprints for the motor nerve waveform signals, resulting in the release of growth, thyroid, DHEA and testosterone hormones that are normally released during strenuous exercise (the things that help us lose weight!).  A package of 12 Ion Magnum Imperial treatments is said to be worth one year in the gym!  Ion Magnum is actually technology invented and built by the co-inventor of the first pacemaker in London University.

IELLIOS proposes to have the ability to heal and repair the skin; therefore it is a necessary addition to trauma based procedures such as lasers and radio frequency (RF).  Neuro Frequency (NF) delivers signalling waveforms in proprietary energies designed to open up the cells’ ion gates allowing signalling waveforms to enter the cells.  As the IELLIOS waveforms enter the cells they excite or trigger the repair mechanisms’ signals that have faded or deteriorated with age.  IELLIOS uses signalling resonance rather than trauma to activate very similar processes in the skin that lasers and RF trigger by inflicting trauma to promote healing.

The proprietary energies utilised by the IELLIOS to transmit signals via the ion gates of the cells have been successfully used to administer stem cell extracts without needles, which we think might be a good thing, especially for those of us not entirely comfortable with needles!

We’re interested to talk to anyone who’s had this treatment, so if you’ve tried the IELLIOS, email or phone us to give us your thoughts!

For more information on the IELLIOS you can head to their website www.iellios.com.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Clinical Studies on the IELLIOS II



Results are from ONE IELLIOS treatment.  Results are Permanent!  E-mail us now for great offers on the IELLIOS II from the UK at ielliosuk@gmail.com
The first picture was taken three years ago and the second picture was taken after 10 IELLIOS treatments over the period of three years!